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* While we have made every effort to provide accurate information, details of products and prices described may have changed since the information was published. 

2017 & 2018 Luxury Cruises

From $8,325*

Asia - Hong Kong to Singapore

12 days departing from Hong Kong


Cruise to Asia and discover an amazing continent of enthralling history, intriguing people, fascinating culture and mesmerising landscapes. Not to mention world-class shopping, cutting-edge technology and towering skyscrapers. If there is one continent that surely needs no introduction, it is Asia. 

From $7,499*


Asia - Thailand to Vietnam


14 days departing from Thailand


Our ultra-luxury cruises to Asia have become one of our most popular destinations, for reasons abundantly clear. Seabourn cruises to Vietnam and Thailand

glow with vivid colors, fascinating cultures and some of the friendliest people anywhere, and we still sail right into Ho Chi Minh City. Why not join us for a voyage or two?

From $11,442*

Queensland Coast & Great Barrier Reef

16 days departing from Sydney to Bali

Offering attractions and shore excursions that are impressive, but unintimidating. Handsome, vibrant cities, friendly people, spectacular landscapes and natural wonders that are similar to, and yet intriguingly different from those in the Northern Hemisphere.

From $14,008*

New Zealand

16 days departing from Auckland to Sydney

New Zealand offers an 

astonishing variety of sights including towering peaks, steaming geysers and sprawling vineyards, mighty fjords and quaint villages

From $16,335*


10 days departing from Sydney

Traversing Drake’s eponymous passage is a must for any explorer. With diverse seabirds attracted to the area, have your binoculars and cameras ready and as you sail closer to the Antarctic Peninsula, look for seals basking on ice floes, Macaroni penguin, and the prodigious Orca whale. Begin and end your expedition at the “world’s end”, Ushuaia.

From $14,625*

Africa & the Indian Ocean

17 days departing ​from Africa

Stroll the fabled Source d’Argent beach before discovering Zanzibar’s dazzling history. Marvel at vibrant palettes of marine life as you enjoy a snorkel off tiny atolls. Study and interact with the endemic wildlife of unspoilt Aldabra for two full days. Experience everything the Maldives and the Seychelles have to offer on this 17-day adventure.

From $15,615*

Far East Russia

18 days departing from Otaru


A geothermal wonderland of volcanoes and hot springs await as you follow in the footsteps of Vitus Bering. Remote and rarely visited destinations offer sensational wildlife spotting opportunities with countless birds nesting in the area. Zodiac® tours will fascinate, extraordinary topography will captivate and the whole journey will enthral.

From $10,215*




10 days

departing from Sydney 


Cruise the unspoiled landscapes of the Arctic on this extraordinary voyage. Observe rare seabirds on Zodiac® trips along remote stretches of water and search for Polar Bears during an ice cruise. The coastal waters provide fantastic opportunities to see walruses, while the terrain provides spectacular views of the surrounding valleys.

From $4,050*




8 nights departing from Venice


Anchored by fortress towns surrounded by thousands of islands and wooded coasts, the Adriatic is not only cultured and beautiful, but loads of fun. You’ll be awed by the waterfalls of Krka National Park and panoramic cruising through Croatia’s Inside Passage. Meet local residents at town markets, on tours to oyster farms and countryside mills, and in waterfront restaurants serving local food and wines often accompanied by musical talent. Your surprise discovery may be Slovenia’s capital of Ljubljana, with a beautiful pedestrian-friendly city center encircled by an emerald river.

From $9,765*




12 days departing on board the brand new Silver Muse from Barcelona to Rome


FIESTA MEDITERRANEA - With not one, not two, not three but four overnights, this cruise is a must for those who like to enjoy things at a leisurely pace. Begin with vibrant Barcelona, visit hidden Ibiza on an extended stay, perhaps enjoy a meal at a gastronomic restaurant in Monte-Carlo before you savour in the culture and cuisine of Florence and Tuscany.

From $9,499*


New England & the Canadian Maritimes


10 days departing from Boston


The eastern seaboard of North America is handsome at any time of year. But in the autumn, when its hardwood forests ignite in incandescent hues of red and gold, it is the definition of spectacular. The region’s colonial history remains evident and accessible, the villages along the St. Lawrence might as well be on the Loire, and Gaspé’s shingle beaches echo Brittany’s. Redcoats still saluteHalifax’s Noon Gun, and Bar Harbor reflects Down East Yankee grit as much as it does the Vanderbilts and Rockefellers of its Gilded Age. This is a world-class cruising destination with plenty to please any traveler.

From $8,000*




12 days departing from Miami


Seabourn’s cruise ships are ideal for navigating the uncommon Caribbean – those islands and harbors - well off the well-worn path - beloved of yachtsmen and savvy connoisseurs. Recapture the laid-back charm and timeless beauty that earned the Caribbean Sea its reputation. Our dedicated shore excursions will help you discover the delicious differences that distinguish each island culture from its neighbors on an ultra-luxury cruise with Seabourn. Anchored off a sun-blessed beach or hidden cove, your Seabourn cruise ship deploys its watersports Marina to become your own private island for the day.

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